Karma Spend Limits

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Re: Karma Spend Limits

Post by Drakkon » Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:22 am

Heh, Amature.

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Re: Karma Spend Limits

Post by jazzman831 » Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:23 am

Plot wrote:Karma spend limits is fundamentally a decent topic. What if unlimited skills instead had a cap of 10. All skills could be bought at cost up to their cap. After which the cost goes up by ___ and can be bought at that cost up to their cap (10 for previously Unlimited) before going up again by ___.
I'm not a huge fan, for the reasons I laid out in the other, similar thread (viewtopic.php?f=15&t=48&p=2879#p2879). Essentially, if all skills become unlimited (barring the ones for which the caps are there for intrinsic reasons), then the only difference between characters is their class-only skills. This is great for magicians and adepts, who have the most and most-transformative class-exclusive skills, but basically makes agents and soldiers the same, and takes away anything interesting for fixers.

IF we instituted this, I think it should be exponential, i.e. skills above the cap cost double; skills above twice the cap cost quadruple, skills above three times the cap cost octuple, etc.


FWIW, here are the skills that are currently unlimited for all who can use them: Block, Body Control*, Bullet Dodge*, Crippling Strike, Dirty Fighting, Disarm, Dodge, Flicker*, Focus*, Headshot, Health, Heroic Endurance, Kneecapper, Marksmanship, Muscle Control*, Point Blank Shot, Resist Fear**, Resist Radiation**, Takedown, The Stare*, Tough as Nails, Trick Shot, Vital Shot, Walk it Off

* Class exclusive skills
** Rad-unlocked skill

Here are the skills that have varying caps for differing character classes: Acquire, Armorer, Beatdown*, Connections, Follow the Money, Funding*, Healers Hands, Injections, Layered Armor, Take Cover!, Tracking*

* Unlimited for one class

These skills would be unaffected: Adrenaline Rush, Appraise, Archery, Astral Wave**, Avatar**, Chemistry, Chi Mastery**, Command*, Demolitions, Devil's Own Luck*, Electronics, Elemental Magic**, Enchanting**, Engineering, EXO Armor**, First Aid, Garrote, Hardcore Muthaf*cka*, Heavy Weapons, Killing Hands**, Knockout, Longarms, Maintenance Master*, Martial Arts, Master Craftsman, Material Magic**, Medical, Mental Magic**, Motivation, Pistols, Repair, Researcher, Restoration*, Rigger**, Sure Grip, Surgery, Thermoptic Camo**, Traps, Warding**

* Apotheosis Skills
** Class exclusive skills
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