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The forums, skills, supplies and you.

Post by Jay Belarpin » Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:58 pm

As was highlighted in a recent rules discussion, there is some confusion as to how time passes in the in-game forums and, more to the point, what that means for in-game skills such as dodge, block, and walk it off. To answer this, and provide guidance as to how to approach any questions that may pop up in the future, I feel it’s best to state and explain the philosophy that I intended to run the bar with.
The most important part of Bloody Bill’s Bar is the story.
To that end, details about the bar are left as vague as possible. The bar has no defined IG location, we mostly hand wave drink prices, we don’t track supply expenditures such as stims or bandages, and time moves at the speed of plot.

In specific instances that might not be true, such as a drink requiring you to pay the price on check-in at the next event. Those situations are the exception, not the rule. They are also always explicitly stated when the choice is offered.

So what does this mean for skill usage? Put simply, you have uses of your daily skills available if you think your character has those uses available. We want a collaborative effort to get the best story possible and if that means you use an extra dodge compared to your sheet that’s fine, and you can also decide you don’t have any left even if you likely would. You don't have to worry about skill resets, just use your best judgement, tell the best story, and be honest with yourself.

This is especially important for the purposes of combat. With exception of certain cases from plot, we ask that people announce attacks, but not the effects of those attacks. The NPCs do the same. This allows people to craft a much more interesting narrative than would otherwise be possible. Sometimes folks might decide to play their character as the baddest badass who ever badassed and that’s ok because ‘anything you say can and will be held against you in the world of Larp.’

TL;DR We trust you to decide what is fair for your character.

Now get out there and RP the crap out of the forums!
As all of this happened, Bill poured a drink.

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