Guidelines for Forum Roleplaying

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Guidelines for Forum Roleplaying

Post by AeonsAblaze » Thu Dec 08, 2016 8:48 pm

So you want to RP on the forums? Great! Here's some tips on how to do it better:

1.) Your character can be a dick. The player can not. Know the difference.

2.) You are a player. Not the GM. Describe your actions, but not the effects on the environment or other players.

3.) Pace yourself. Not everyone is looking at the forum all the time. Give people a fair chance to respond before posting again.

4.) What happens on the forums is considered public information. If you want a conversation to be private, use something else. Facebook messenger is common.

5.) Use spelling and grammar check if possible, this will avoid many misunderstanding. Spelling things the way your character is pronouncing them is fine, but keep it readable.

6.) If you play multiple characters, have multiple accounts. A properly named account with a decent picture will make sure everyone knows who you are playing as at the moment.