Rules for the bar.

The in-game area where you can get your RP on.
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Rules for the bar.

Post by Jay Belarpin » Sat Feb 13, 2016 1:05 pm

Welcome to Bloody Bills Bar. This area is considered in-game. As such, you are responsible for anything you do or say in this category, make sure you read the rules. All posts must be made in character.

Bloody Bill once had a board and a shack, then a ruster came stomping out of the glow warrens and destroyed both. Not to be discouraged, Bill rebuilt. He decided that he wanted to make his bar a fortress, and he built the closest thing one could find in the wastes. The shack is completely covered on the outside with any metal Bill could find, signs, car doors; he even has tank treads bolted to the door. The windows are glass, and there are metal shutters flipped up. The front door is up just two steps up off of the remains of a highway. If there is a back door, nobody has seen it; the entire back side of the bar has an 8 foot high fence made of corrugated metal around it.

Note: For RP purposes this bar does not have a defined location, you may always assume you are near it.

The inside of the bar is a bit more color coordinated. Dark red tile floors and a dark green paint job on the upper half of the walls, dark wood paneling on the lower half. It’s generally quiet, despite the occasional noise from the back area.

Please note: Bill serves your character unless he said he isn't going to. Just assume he served you and don't wait for a post saying so.

Though right now, the sign lets everybody serve themselves.

Time passes at at the speed of plot.

1) Do not start fights (no combat unless a red says you can).
2) Remember that anything you do or say can and will be held against you in the world of LARP.
3) All posts are made in character.
4) Malicious actions towards other patrons will result in Bill kicking you out. (A temporary ban from the IG forums until the next archival)
As all of this happened, Bill poured a drink.