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Re: Point Blank Shot

Post by jazzman831 » Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:39 pm

Swordguy wrote:<stats>
I think that pretty definitively closes the door on the "it must be a thing because you can do it in real life argument". Any yokel with a couple fingers on one hand can shoot point blank, but they aren't guaranteed a hit.
Swordguy wrote:With that said, you know what's frustrating for a gun character? To be on a mod with a ton of melee NPCs who all have multiple Flickers. (Flicker spiders who are swinging a Web effect are even worse.) Or the NPC who does "Flicker" (goes from being out of range to halfway to me), "Flicker Again" (goes from halfway to into melee), "20 Magic Direct" (which for 90% of characters is an automatic "fall down and bleed")...because there's literally nothing you can do - no combination of IG or OOG skill can avoid this unless you just turn and run, which in practical terms is an option much less often than you might think it is.
Well the obvious counter to multiple flickers is to run away. Flicker doesn't actually make you move faster. Plus IIRC, NPC flickers are only 10 steps vs 20 for PCs.

And the counter for 20 magic direct is physically blocking the strike with your melee weapon or using Block, one of the universally cheapest skills in the game (3.6 on average). In fact, the only (non-racial) skills cheaper on average are Tough as Nails (1 for all classes) and Resist Fear (rad unlockable, 3 for all classes). Of course, you still need a melee weapon to use block (and this solution to the PBS problem has been mentioned several times already), but if you don't have anything, dodge also works, and is also on the low end of the spectrum (avg 5.4, not counting Elven Dodge).
Swordguy wrote:I am therefore extremely concerned about the ability of Block to stop a 19-karma ability (PBS+Headshot); especially because anything closing to melee in the first place is going to have Blocks anyway.
Since headshots are so expensive (24 average, 4th most expensive skill after Surgery, Heavy Weapons, and the most expensive, Adrenaline Rush [35]), would it make sense that block stops point blanks, but not point blank headshots? Bullet dodge should obviously still work, and arguably dodges as well.
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